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Cliff’SOR is dedicated to helping with Rainforest Action campaigns for the forests, their inhabitants especially the orangutans and the natural systems that sustain life by transforming the global marketplace through education,  raising money,  grassroots organizing and non-violent but firm direct action.


Not unlike Lancelot who for the first time tasted the lips of a woman that he cared for and truly loved did he express himself as only for the first time landing on the earth being in touch with himself and his feelings for someone else. I too have just landed on earth friends not to find true love but true waste and horror as it relates to the things I love and wish to save. Save from the clutches of greedy big businesses and corporations and corrupt regimes who are sacrificing their natural resources such as the rain forest and all its inhabitants. Many such animals are on the endangered species list. Once the rain forests are allowed to be burned and cut down that’s it! It’s gone forever along with the beautiful red ape known as the orangutan.

This landing I found on earth also brought a clear picture the fact that there are really a lot of people and groups out there I mention some of which on my web site that are doing a remarkable job to try to educate the public as well as said big businesses and corporations.

This site is being put up to try and educate the general public who truly want to help save the rain forest and all its inhabitants from man to help me to help them. Just the existence of such a web site is very hard and expensive to put up and maintain and the amount of hours it demands on you is incredible. It took a web designer to do this for us and we are just learning how best to use it. So bear with us but DO come back to view the site since it will get better with time.

My pledge here and now is to raise FIVE MILLION DOLLARS to be used in rescuing the orangutangs and their home lands the rain forests from being totally destroyed. Even five million dollars is peanuts compared to the billions of dollars these corporations are raking in big profits raping the planet of its wealth. But five million will also help put up a road block to raise the hue and cry of the other inhabitants waiting to land on the planet as I have to show their love and respect for all of nature’s creatures and their home lands that affect us all. Cliff Lindquist


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