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The meaning Behind The Secret Movie

Has any one seen “The Secret”? If you have, you should have a better outlook on life. That is the purpose of the film, to improve our way of thinking.

The secret is feeling good. Positive thinking is the key.

How many of us spend the majority of our time focusing on the negative? Well this film tells us to change our way of thinking. In doing so, our life will then change. Our mind set sets the pace. It makes sense. After all, positive people attract positive people and visa versa. It follows the law of attraction. What you put out in the universe you will attract. It is all energy. We are all energy. Which all leads to the law of physics. You don’t have to understand it all to accept it.

The film was very inspiring. It touched on the benefits of positive thinking with health and healing as well; sighting miracles from cancer and other cures. There’s no doubts that for centuries, if not longer, the power of the mind has been known and used to advance science in particular, and life in general. We as a society need to learn how to use it for personal use in our own homes-in our heads, on a daily basis, to better our lives.

We all have bad days, but don’t think that somehow that can’t be controlled by our way of thinking. It can! That’s what the secret is all about. If we all looked at things from a positive perspective all of the time, our society would definitely be a better place to live. Wouldn’t you all agree? Sound too good to be true? Our wants, dreams, goals are all attainable with time.

We must first ask the universe for them, visualize a means of achieving them, and then be willing to receive. It sounds so simple, but it really is. We just have to change our way of thinking. How hard is that? Maybe harder for some than others, but the rewards speaks for itself. No one will debate the power of the mind. Positive thinking creates an attraction force that is insurmountable. Likewise, Our feelings are shaped by our emotions, or thoughts. The key to life are our thoughts . Wake up with a positive message to share and your day will be a bright one.

How do you feel about that?

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