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The El Paso Zoo presents the Palm Oil Guide and Scanner. Find out what products contain palm oil and how to find alternative products without palm oil. From hand lotion to cosmetics and cookies – and even some “healthy” and organic items – palm oil is used in a variety of products we purchase every day, but the true cost of palm oil is the the destruction of tropical forests.

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                                                  Palm Oil Shopping Guide
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SkullPalmOilAA                          IS IT TRUE THAT PALM OIL IS UNHEALTHY?

Almost half of palm oil consists of saturated fats, which can trigger high cholesterol and heart disease, and are generally regarded as fattening. Palm kernel oil, which is often used for cocoa icings, ice cream confectionary and caramel, even contains up to 80 percent saturated fat.

Palm oil also contains fatty acid esters (3-MCPD and glycidol fatty acid esters) that are considered carcinogenic. Concentrations of such hazardous substances are especially high in refined palm oil, an ingredient in infant formula. Popular chocolate hazelnut and chocolate spreads also tend to contain a lot of palm oil. Children are especially vulnerable in this regard because of their low body weight in relation to the quantity of the harmful substances they absorb. The German Federal Institute for Risk Assessment (BfR) has issued a warning against consuming the substances contained in palm oil.


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