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They say that just one drop of water can evolve into a mighty wave as it moves down stream and that is exactly what we at Cliff’SOR are trying to do. We want to make more than a drop of water plunge more like an avalanche to try and Awaken America and the world of the plight to the rain forests and all the the animals that live there to include the remarkable orangutans.

Just look into the eyes of this mom and baby and see how precious they are and how by contrast we as the dominant species on the planet are destroying this beauty and all for greed and a plant called palm oil.  Review the video’s on the main page to see this evil being waged by big corporations (top 20) seeking profits and care less about how they get it or what they destroy in the process. What’s wrong with this picture?

How sick is that folks and what are you going to do to help me in my quest to put a stop to this tragedy?

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Take Action:

Adopt An Orangutan 
Join and Help Borneo Orangutan Rescue

Donate To The Orangutan Project
Conflict Palm Oil PDF
Tell the Snack Food 20: Cut Conflict Palm Oil, Not Rainforests 
National Organizing Outreach Leader (volunteer position) 
Join BOS Borneo Orangutan Survival Australia 
The World’s Rainforest
Learn How Palm Oil Harms Health, Rainforest & Wildlife
Orangutans Are Literally Dying For Cookies
Sign the Star Buck Petition To Stop Using Palm Oil In Its Pastries

Or you can click on to the donation button on the site now and show your support to stop this tragedy the destruction of the rain forest and the wildlife that depends on it for their very survival.






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