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“We want you to participate in this worldwide event.  Help build a “critical
mass of concerned voices” each  November to focus attention on the species through your efforts and those of other supporters.

Orangutan Caring Week – November 9-15, 2014  Link

Are you Orang Aware?

To be “Orang Aware” means that you are personally committed to a global environmental consciousness. It means that you are aware of how you personally impact all life on our planet – especially orangutans!

Why Orangutans?? There are hundreds of species that deserve our attention but if we can save orangutans, we can save the world!
By saving these beautiful red-haired apes it would mean that we are able to make the necessary changes to our global environmental impact in time to save not only orangutans, but all the species on earth – including man.

Here are just a few facts:

• Orangutans are highly endangered! They may have less than ten years left in the wild before they are extinct. They will be the first great ape to go extinct.

• Orangutans share 97% of our DNA and, as one of our closest evolutionary cousins, it is our responsibility to protect these intelligent, gentle apes.

• Habitat loss due to rainforest destruction, illegal logging, palm oil plantations, and an illegal pet trade are pushing them toward extinction.

It’s all about orangutans – but so much more.

• Rainforests play a vital role in the health of our planet. When forests are logged and burned large amounts of greenhouse gases are emitted into the atmosphere contributing to the climate change crisis.

• Saving orangutans helps to save many other endangered species that live in the same forest, like tigers, rhinos, gibbons, sun bears, clouded leopards and countless other species of plants and animals.

• Indonesia is also home to many indigenous tribes with diverse cultures and traditions that are now threatened with losing their rainforest homes.  Link


Missing Orangutan Mothers Day Event May 11, 2014  Link

Mother’s Day is the perfect day to celebrate and pay tribute to orangutan mothers. Our MOM Campaign is our way of doing precisely that! The MOM Campaign is a positive way to bring attention to the crisis facing these beautiful red apes by encouraging people to help protect them. Learn more about the MOM Campaign.

M.O.M. (Missing Orangutan Mothers) Day, 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. at Cameron Park Zoo, 1701 N. Fourth St. Learn what the zoo is doing to help orangutans in the wild and watch training sessions with zookeepers and resident orangutans. Call 750-8400. Online:

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Orangutan Rescue