Help us take RISE OF THE ECO-WARRIORS to a wider audience

Rise of the Eco-Warriors

Rise of the Eco-Warriors is a feature documentary film following 11 young eco-warriors in their quest to save the rainforests and wildlife in Borneo.

A film by award-winning director Dr Cathy Henkel
All proceeds go to support more people seeing this movie.

The more who see the story, and decide to actually do something about palm oil, the quicker we will win this fight.

Palm oil has infested our food, our soap, our shampoo, and our kid’s candy. It is wiping out orangutans, leveling rainforests, quickening our global climate disaster. Your actions can multiply and ripple out into real global protection of all forests. United, we will win this most epic of heroic adventures – and expose the hidden war in every home – for all life on earth.

The cinema season for Rise of the Eco-Warriors began in March 2014. We have now run preview screenings in cinemas in every state in Australia, and received an overwhelming response from audiences. Almost every session has been well attended with several completely sold out. There was not a spare seat in Melbourne and people were turned away.

The response to the film has been extremely uplifting and encouraging (we got a standing ovation in Byron and 220 primary kids at a screening in Brisbane put their hands up with questions at the Q&A). Everywhere the discussions after the movie have been lively and energetic with audiences being motivated and ready to take action.

At all screenings, we have handed out postcard outlining five actions people can take after seeing the film. These have been extremely popular, (5,000 already distributed) requiring a second print run for future screenings. To find out more about these actions, visit –

Every screening has created requests for more screenings, especially from school and community groups. We have completed phase one of the roadshow – from Byron Bay to Perth via every capital city and several regions along the way – and are now ready to start phase two with follow-up screenings in the Byron region, Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.

This is all good news. We want respond to this demand, expand the reach of the film and take the show on the road. In particular, we’d like to reach out to more schools and community groups here in Australia and begin work on our international release.

For this reason we are launching a new fund-raising campaign and hope you will support our team at Virgo Productions to expand the global reach of the film and continue to motivate audiences and make a positive impact.

Launch on 11 April. Closing June 30th Target: $30,000




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