Cliff’s Bio


Have worked in law enforcement field for over 15 years to include; Federal and County Park Ranger, Animal Control Officer, Reserve Deputy Sheriff, San Mateo County S.O., Seasonal with Fish & Game, and Fish & Wildlife. Former US Marine. Have both an AA degree in Administration of Justice, BS in Criminal Justice. Completed Dale Carnegie in San Diego, CA licensed PI # 22554 for over 13 years & operate out of Escondido, CA. Author & Publisher two books; “How To Operate a Home Based Business as a Mystery Shopper, ” or as a ” Video Mystery Shopper.”

Community Service Work
Set Wild Animal Free (SWAF), 1973-77. Operated a wildlife rehabilitation program. I had a Masters Falconry license and held a Special Salvage Permit license from Fish & Wildlife to handle exotic birds especially those on the endangered species list. Had volunteers help me with care and feeding of wildlife mostly birds such as golden eagles, bald eagles, hawks i.e., red tails, harris hawks, coopers hawks, sharp shinned hawk, including falcons like the peregrine, & kestrels. I also handled a variety of owls such as barn owls, pigmy owls.

I personally escorted a rare Spanish Imperial Eagle (Aquila heliaca) back to Madrid Spain. The bird was smuggled into the US illegally and I was chosen to hold the bird at my home residence back yard until it could be returned to Spain. I called her Granny. I flew first class on Pam Am with Granny in a special made cage to accommodate her being kept with the passengers and not in the hold area below .  Link

I assisted Penny Patterson at Stanford with Coco the hand sign talking gorilla in the mid 80′s while they were training Coco there. My duties were not uniquely with Coco but with a young male abandoned baby gorilla. I would keep him company and entertained for several hours each shift and got to really love what I was doing.

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